Complete Billing Solutions

Premium Finance Billing and Collection

FIRST has developed one of the most innovative billing and collections systems in the industry. In this soft market, it is more important than ever for companies to have time to write more business. Combining the benefits of a traditional direct bill plan and those of a standard premium finance plan, FIRST’s FIRSTDirect program will take the hassle of billing and collecting premiums out of your hands—leaving you more time for writing more business.

FIRSTDirect Services provide a variety of benefits, including:

  • Direct Bill Payment Without the Hassle
  • Decreased Billing and Collection Costs
  • Reinforced Renewal Retention
  • Multiple Payment Options

How it works

FIRSTDirect is a flexible program that allows you to create the program that best fits the needs of your company and the demands of your insureds. The question isn’t “How does it work?”— it’s “How do you want it to work?” We can create for you a true direct bill plan, a financing plan or one that is simply a combination of the two.

Premium Finance Billing and Collection

In addition to streamlining your sales process, FIRST’s FIRSTDirect program can, where permissible by Law, be customized to allow for both competitive rates and the potential to increase the revenues generated by each policy sold. Additionally, you may choose to fully subsidize the insured’s finance charges or share the finance charges with the insured. Contact FIRST today to learn more about the Complete Financial Solutions available to enhance your agency’s bottom line.

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