Funding Options

Funding - The Choice is Yours

At FIRST Insurance Funding, we are proud that we give our customers many choices. You can choose your rates, terms, services, incentives, fees and funding methods. FIRST's funding methods include Automated Clearing House (ACH), Wire Transfer and mailed checks. The most efficient and trouble-free way to be funded is through ACH. ACH offers next business morning access to funds without the errors, fees, delays and paperwork associated with other funding methods.

Advantages to ACH

1)More Dependable - You can always count on the proper balance appearing in your bank account by the next business morning. Wire transfers are manual and done at the bank’s convenience.

2)Easier to Set Up - FIRST can enroll your agency in ACH in a fraction of the time it takes to set up manual wire transfers. After a single test, you can receive all funding via ACH.

3)Error Free - Since ACH is done overnight by our systems, the problems and errors associated with manual wire transfers do not exist.

4)No Cost - Wire Transfers usually charge a fee at both ends, causing you to pay a fee to your bank for the incoming wire. ACH is done automatically at no charge to you.

5)Better Reporting - FIRST will systematically provide you with reports listing what funds were transferred into your account. You will always know what money you have and where it is.

6)Paperless - If you use FIRST's Qwik-Loan (electronic processing) service to submit and book your loans, ACH allows your entire loan transaction with FIRST to be paperless.

If you are interested in more information about FIRST's funding methods, please contact us or email us at .