FIRST Technology


FIRST has many products and services in place that improve the efficiency of securing quotes, preparing contracts and funding loans. FIRST will work with each client and their customers to fine-tune current products and services (or create new ones) to meet the client’s needs, or to create additional products and services to better automate premium financing.

On-Line Reporting
Fully secured, in real-time, and available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, FIRST’s website allows agents and their customers to check the status and review the details of their accounts.

The insured portion of the site allows the insured to check status, payment history and policy information. Status and payment information are also available via phone through FIRST’s Automated Voice Response Unit.

The agency portion of the site allows agents to view reports detailing its entire premium finance portfolio by payment status and effective date. It also allows agents to download (into Excel) detailed account information by location, program or for the entire organization.

To review the instructions for checking an account online, please click here.

FIRST is proud to partner with DocuSign to bring e-signatures to the premium finance industry, ensuring completely paperless, completely secure premium finance transactions.  More information on this product can be found by clicking here.